Where the immune systems is recruited to participate in removal of cancerous tissue, there are even more complexities to understanding efficacy.

Immune modulation and tracking plays a crucial role in monitoring and understanding response during clinical evaluations. Do you understand the origins of patient diversity in immune response?

How are you identifying biomarker candidates at the preclinical stage that would realize the full value of the compound or asset in later development?

Combinations with a checkpoint inhibitors are in competition with those developed alongside biomarker candidates that would allow for confident decision-making.

Single agent checkpoint inhibitors work well but the response rates are regarded as low, for example: Atezolizumab in bladder cancer: PD-L1 IHC > 5%, ORR = 26%.

This is why the current industry consensus is the use combinations. But new challenges emerge:

  • Has the rationale for combination been fully tested?
  • Has the biological basis for patient recruitment been fully understood?

Trajecture is a platform development company and our resources are mainly spent developing new platform and applications, or undertaking collaborations that are of mutual benefit for technical development.

We are currently working in collaboration with a world-leading organisation on the origins of immune response in patients in their trial design.

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