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Do we need to spend 5-10 years taking medicines through clinical trials? Do we need to spend a billion plus dollars to get a medicine approved? 

This won’t change without radical thinking! There are too many embedded / established processes and people to dare to think about the 10x challenge of reducing time and cost by a factor. 

It’s not just about speed but countess diseases that will never get a solution unless we drop the cost.

It can be done! We just need to try new things, and external groups with innovative ideas … and people who keep fighting.

Do we need to figure out medical proof of concept on people so late? This will one day seem incredulous. 

We are progressing approaches that can welcome in the drawn of the 10x challenge, and separately dramatically reduce the number of patients needed early in trials, and one day we hope remove the need for ’trials’ in clinical setting all together. 

Help us to move the 10x challenge further along. Whatever we achieve, it will be a step in the right direction, but steps need support!

Join us, stand-up to the status quo, and let’s fight to make the 10x challenge possible.

–  Trajecture – Believe in Possible –